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August 7, 2018
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Looking to learn an exciting dance style that you can incorporate into celebrations, parties, shows, or other events? The San Antonio dance classes at The Jewel of Art Dance Studio will teach you the skills you need for a foundation in a variety of dance styles, ranging from refined ballet performances to energetic, dynamic dance forms like tap dance and hip-hop.

Before you can fully express yourself in your chosen dance form, you will need the foundation that can only be provided by professionals who have honed their craft for years. That’s exactly what we provide. We offer dance classes to people of all ages and skill levels.

Our dance classes include:

dance classes san antonio


Ballet has its roots all the way back in the 15th century. When most people think of ballet, they think of soft, refined performances. While this is certainly true in general, ballet requires a great deal of energy and concentration on the part of the dancers.

There is a myth that ballet is just for girls and women, but this isn’t entirely true. In fact, ballet has been taught to football players, basketball players, and athletes of all kinds, as it is one of the perfect dance forms for sharpening one’s coordination, balance, and agility.

If you are looking to take up some ballet dance classes, San Antonio’s The Jewel of Art Dance Studio will teach you the discipline, determination, and self-awareness required to master the style.


This form of dance is rooted in African American dance styles of the 1800’s through to the mid 1900’s. You may have heard the name Joe Frisco, a popular jazz dancer and one of the first to fully embody and popularize the style. Joe Frisco’s dance method was loose-limbed and close to the ground. He would put on his performances while juggling his cigar and derby.

Later, the style developed a more technical and dynamic form. Jazz dance is all about technique, requiring a strong foundation of skills in order to perform the various turns and jumps which it incorporates. The movements required in jazz dance are often sharp and strong, and many jazz dancers benefit from a good foundation in ballet. This is one example of the skills we teach at our San Antonio dance classes being able to be incorporated into a wide variety of dance styles. Learning techniques from a number of seemingly “disparate” dance styles can help you take your jazz dance to the next level.


dance classes san antonioOne of the most energetic and dynamic forms of dance, tap is comprised primarily of the sound of tap shoes striking the floor. Tap makes use of syncopation (off-beat, unexpected rhythms) which can make for a highly entertaining performance. Tap dance has its roots in the English theatrical tradition and is often performed in a theater.

While tap dance is widely considered to be its own form of dance music, there are many fans and performers who consider tap to be a form of jazz dance.

Our tap dance classes in San Antonio will instill the skills and techniques required for you to embody this exciting and dynamic form of dance.


This intricate and acrobatic form of dance was inspired by Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, later to be combined with a series of famous model poses found in Vogue magazine. While this is a relatively young form of dance that is continuing to evolve, it can generally be recognized by the linear, rigid, and angular physical movements displayed by the dancers.

Vogue has been made popular by a number of modern pop musicians, including:

  • Beyonce
  • Madonna Rihanna
  • FKA Twigs
  • Ariana Grande
  • Azealia Banks

Our vogue dance classes in San Antonio will teach you everything you need to become a competent vogue dancer.

dance classes san antonioHip-hop

This form of dance music is a very loose and customizable form of dance, often improvisational and “freestyle” in nature. We will teach you the basic foundation and skills you need to perform hip-hop dance and to express yourself through it.


Modern dance has its roots in Germany and the United States dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This form of dance music is often regarded as a rejection of the rigid, traditional techniques associated with ballet.

Our modern dance classes in San Antonio incorporate a number of techniques that you’ll need to learn in order to perform modern dance properly, while also being able to express yourself in your own unique way.

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