Tap Dance Classes In San Antonio

Tap I – Ages 6-10. Emphasizes proper tap technique, coordination, producing clear sounds and having fun.

Tap II – Ages 11 and up. Emphasis on proper technique. As the student progresses curriculum will become more complex.

This is one of the most visceral and energetic dance forms around. It incorporates its moves with the sounds of the dancer’s tap shoes striking the dance floor. It often incorporates syncopation (unexpected or “off-beat” rhythms) and is thus closely related to Jazz dance.

Tap is rooted in English theatrical tradition, although there are many who consider it a form of jazz dance. Here is a great example of a modern tap dance performance:

The Jewel of Art Dance Studio is proud to offer a variety of tap classes for people of all ages and skill levels. We will teach you the foundation you need in this style of dance and help you express yourself through it fully.