Ballet & Pointe

Pointe and Ballet Classes In San Antonio

I Beginning Classical Ballet – One hour San Antonio dance class that teaches proper alignment in classic ballet and an introduction to ballet vocabulary.

II Intermediate Classical Ballet – Includes barre, center and across the floor. Emphasis on creating muscle memory and repetition through movement.

Pre-Pointe – Preparation class for Advanced Pointe. Must have teachers approval.

Ballet III/Pointe – Advanced ballet class that includes barre, center, across the room and Pointe  (must have teacher’s approval).


The art of ballet dance goes all the way back to the 15th century. When most people think of ballet, images of refinement and rich culture come to mind, and for good reason. This is a dance form that has been developed and refined for a very long time, and while it has the appearance and presentation of softness, it requires a great deal of mental and physical energy. In fact, ballet has been taught to football players, basketball players, and all kinds of athletes for this very reason. Perfecting ballet dance improves one’s agility, balance, and coordination. 

Here is an excellent example of a ballet dancer at the Royal Opera House:

We teach San Antonio ballet dance classes to people of all ages. No matter what your age or skill level, we can teach you the foundational skills you need to express yourself through this form of dance.