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Right in the heart of the Monticello historic district you’ll find a striking example of 1920s Colonial Revival Style architecture called the Parkmoor Building. This beautiful, restored building was built in 1925 and is currently the home of The Jewel of Art Dance Studio. A real treasure, the Parkmoor Building allows us to provide a wide range of Children’s Dance Classes in San Antonio.

At Jewel of Art Dance Studio, we strive to create a nurturing atmosphere where dancers of all experience levels can polish their technique. If your children have a passion for dancing, we want to help them shine. Let us help polish your diamonds in the rough through dedicated teaching.

Children’s Dance Classes in San Antonio

We are proud to offer a wide range of classes for children of all experience levels. Below, you’ll find a list of many of our San Antonio children’s dance classes and recommended ages for those classes.

dance classes san antonio

Dance Classes for Young Children

  • Mommy & Me Dance Class (18 months to 3 years old) – If you’re looking for a way to bond with your toddler, our Mommy & Me dance classes offer you a fun and unique way to do it.
  • Combo Dance Class I (4-5 year olds) – Our combo dance classes offer young dancers the opportunity to try a variety of dance styles so that they can find something they love. This Combo I class includes introductions to ballet, tap, creative dancing, and singing.
  • Combo Dance Class II (6-7 year olds) – This fun combo class includes introductions to ballet, Jazz dance, and tumbling.
  • Tap Dance Class (6-10 year olds) – In this introductory tap dancing class, we focus on proper tap technique, coordination, and producing clear tap sounds.

Dance Classes for Older Children

  • Beginner Jazz Dance Class (8-10 year olds) – This class focuses on the basics of Jazz dancing including correct alignment and technique.
  • Intermediate Jazz Dance Class (11-17 year olds) – In this follow up to our beginner class, children focus on rhythm, accent, and choreography.
  • Beginning Classical Ballet Dance Class (8-10 year olds) – Young ballet dancers will learn proper alignment and the basics of ballet vocabulary while learning early barre, center, and across the floor movements.
  • Intermediate Classical Ballet Dance Class (11-14 year olds)Intermediate dancers will work on perfecting their ballet movements through repetition and muscle memory exercises.
  • Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop Class (8-13 year olds)This fun class incorporates both new and old styles of both technique and music.
  • Tap Dance Class (11+) – The emphasis of this class is on proper technique and progressively more complex tap movements.
  • Beginning/Intermediate Modern Dance Class (11-13 year olds) – Our introductory modern/contemporary dance class incorporates a variety of different styles from Duncan, Graham, Hawkins, Horton, and Limon.

dance classes san antonioDance Classes for Teens

  • Advanced Jazz Dance Class (14+) – This advanced class builds on the techniques learned in earlier Jazz dance classes.
  • Advanced Classical Ballet Dance Class (14+) – Our advanced ballet class builds on the lessons learned in earlier classes with an emphasis on endurance, embodiment, and artistry.
  • Advanced Hip Hop Class (13+) – Building on hip hop basics, this class focuses on east and west coast styles as well as lyrical hip hop.
  • Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance Class (14+) – This complex class offers an infusion of student’s choreography that are often inspired by the styles taught in the earlier class.

If your child is ready to shine, let us help you get them polished and ready. You can contact us directly if you’re interested in any of our classes or if you have any questions.

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