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October 20, 2017
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Ballet Classes in San Antonio by The Jewel of Art Dance Studio is at the heart of the ballet scene here in our local area. Their graceful and artistic productions at the Tobin Center offer our community the opportunity to experience something truly beautiful. But every professional ballet dancer had to start somewhere, and many of the floating ballerinas you see on stage started in a simple San Antonio Ballet Class like those offered at The Jewel of Art Dance Studio.

Nestled in the Monticello historical district, The Jewel of Art Dance Studio offers a variety of ballet classes in our unique studio, located in the strikingly beautiful Parkmoor building. This spectacular building has been fully restored to its 1920s splendor and allows us to offer dance classes in a one of a kind studio.

As a dance studio, our stated mission is “to create an atmosphere where even the most inexperienced of dancers are able to polish their technique.” We believe that anyone who has a passion for dancing can shine like a beautiful jewel, and that it’s our calling to help polish diamonds in the rough.

Ballet Classes in San Antonio

Jewel of Art Dance Studio offers ballet classes for adults and children in San Antonio. Let’s take a brief look at the ballet classes we offer.

  • I Beginning Classical Ballet – This one hour San Antonio ballet class has been specially prepared for beginners. It is an introductory class where we can focus on proper body alignment and placement for classic ballet and an introduction to ballet vocabulary. The class introduces new ballet students to barre, center, and across the floor moves.
  • II Intermediate Classical Ballet – Our one hour intermediate class builds on the basics taught in our beginning class and includes a more rigorous ballet vocabulary. There is continued work on barre, center, and across the floor work. We focus on moves that include jumps, turns, adagio, petite allegro, and grand allegro. The main emphasis of this class is on repetition, strength building, and muscle memory for inexperienced ballet dancers. Some Pre-Pointe work may be included with teacher approval.
  • dance classes san antonioPre-Pointe – We offer this 45 minute class to improve dancers’ barre work and some center work to prepare them for advanced pointe. As this class is at a more advanced level, it does require teacher approval.
  • Ballet III/Pointe – This is a 90 minute class for those who have mastered the basics of ballet. Because this is our advanced classic ballet class, we do require teacher approval for this class. The class features a strong emphasis on dance vocabulary, endurance, muscle memory, embodiment, and artistry. Students of advanced ballet will work on barre, center, and across the floor work, including variations. With teacher approval, many students will also do pointe work.

At Jewel of Art, we want to help you shine. In order to do that, our San Antonio ballet classes have been carefully crafted to help you progress in your abilities from beginner to ballerina. If you have questions about any classes that we offer, we invite you to contact us directly.

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