Terms of Agreement

Registration Fee

Annual Registration fee of $56.00 is due at the time of Registration. This fee is non-refundable and is valid for one year; this fee does also include a t-shirt in the students sizing. Any family registering over 2 or more children in the same immediate family will only need to pay one registration fee. Renewal registration will be automatically debited unless communicated beforehand. Adult classes do not need to pay a Registration Fee.

Trial Classes/ Drop In

First class is always FREE. In order to participate in any dance class, students must still fill out all the necessary registration and liability paperwork. Drop in Class rate will be $20.00 per class. If a student registers the drop in fee will be applied to monthly tuition. *Adult class drop in rate will be $10 per class. Money will be collected prior to starting class.


Tuition is set up at the time of registration with a debit/ credit card and will automatically debit on the 1st of each month. There will be a 3% charge on all credit card transactions. Full tuition amount may be paid by, cash, check, checking account, or credit/debit card. We MUST have a valid debit/credit card on file regardless of payment type. This must be provided at time of registration.

Late Fees

Tuition is due on the 1th of each month with a 3 day grace period. After the grace period a $35 late fee will be collected. There will be an automatic $35 penalty if any cards or checks are declined for insufficient funds. A late fee payment must be submitted within 7 days after the grace period. If payment is not submitted there will be an additional $15 added on to the late fee and tuition payment. In addition, if tuition and late fee is not submitted within the designated time frame the student will be unable to participate in class or any performances until all funds are paid in full.


To withdraw a student, the student and parent must come into studio to fill out a withdrawal form. Sending an email, text, phone message, letter etc. will not suffice as a withdrawal. The required document from the Jewel of Art must be filled out in order to withdrawal. The parent must give a one month notice of withdrawal. If there is no prior notice there will be a charge for that monthly tuition. Student will also be unable to be evaluated to move up a level. There are no refunds after the 1st of the month. Registration fee will be re-applied if the student continues at a later date; however the annual fee expiration will not change. If there are insufficient funds due at the time of withdrawal the funds must be paid if the student would like to return at a future date.

Semester Enrollment Calendar:

Jewel of Art will now be enrolling students per semester throughout the year. Parents and students will be under contract per semester. Below is a Calendar for enrollment.

Fall Semester: Aug-Dec | Spring Semester: Jan-June | Summer: June-Aug

Make-up Classes

Students will only make up classes if The Jewel of Art Dance or any instructor from the studio cancels. Any and all cancellations will be communicated. We will do our best to not cancel by using our staff to substitute the class. However, if class must be cancelled, make up classes need to be made up within 30 days of the initial cancellation. The instructor will be in charge of rescheduling the class cancelled.

Attendance for Class/ Performances

Students that consistently miss class or arrive late will still be charged their monthly tuition. Students may be held back from moving up a level if they are consistently tardy or have had too many absences. All students must arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class in order to be prepared. After class students must be picked up immediately. We understand there are circumstances where this will not always be the case, however it must at least be communicated with the studio. The office and staff at The Jewel of Art are not responsible for any students after their class time. If a student is not picked up within 15 minutes of class ending there will be a fee of $10 added on to the student’s tuition. No shows are not tolerated. Any student who does not show up to a performance or scheduled event will be penalized by not being allowed to perform at any future performances. Parents must communicate in advance (not the day of) if there is a conflict with events. It is important that we all understand the purpose for all students to be in attendance is to ensure the performance is consistent with the choreography and formations. Students and teachers work together to ensure a comprehensive collaboration is achieved by ensuring a best quality performance and it is imperative that ALL students be in attendance to fulfill these expectations.


If a parent has any questions or concerns regarding a student’s class or instructor please address any concerns with the Director Jackleen Rios or the receptionist. Parents are not allowed to confront issues with the instructor directly and must go through the Administrative Assistant Mikaela Victoria.

‘BAND’: All students and parents must sign up for Band App in order to receive important messages sent out from the staff of The Jewel of Art Dance. This is VERY IMPORTANT to have this app in order to receive important information, updates, cancellations, etc. regarding studio. To register for band app please download the app. Once the app has been downloaded a link will be sent out per class to enroll in that group messaging. You may also reach the Assistant through the studio phone during our studio hours, or through the band app, and any questions/concerns will be answered in a timely manner.

Parent Observation

Parents are not allowed inside of the studio however, may still observe classes through zoom. If students would like a video to rehearse choreography they may ask the instructor to record and the instructor will upload to BAND where it will be available for viewing and downloading.

Vacation/Holidays/Studio Closure

The Jewel of Art Dance Studio resides in the San Antonio Independent School District hence; The Jewel of Art Dance Studio will follow the SAISD school calendar and adhere to all bad weather and holiday school closures. There is no reduced tuition or refunds for vacation, holidays or school closures. The Jewel of Art Dance Studio will close 2 allocated weeks in the summer in preparation for camps and registration. These dates will be posted on website calendar. There will be no discount for these months of studio closure. Tuition is not adjusted for holidays or absences. The Jewel of Art will follow the SAISD calendar schedule regarding holidays.

Dress Code/ Ballet Requirement

  • Dress code must be followed no exceptions.
  • Any one student must be in FULL class attire following the first month of registration. All students must have the logo on at least one article of class attire.
  • Students must follow their dress code for their designated classes. This is mandatory.
  • Trial students may wear black/pink leotard with pink tights and proper dance shoes.
  • Children’s Classes, All Ballet/Jazz Students- Hair must be pulled back secure and out of the face. Classical bun for ballet. Hair in Pony or Bun for Jazz. Student will be unable to participate in class if not in class uniform and hair unsecured. Teachers have the right to not allow students to participate in class if they are not prepared with proper attire and hair. No jewelry allowed.
  • Hip hop may be any attire however, ensure tennis shoes are easy to dance in.
  • Class dress code is available through our website www.jewelofartdance.com. Click on classes>Select class student is enrolled>Go to my dress code>takes to website discountdancesupply.com> scroll to find the correct class >all attire will be posted for purchase.
  • Requirement for ALL BALLET STUDENTS; Must take ballet class twice a week.


As per the Jewel of Art’s mission statement, our main focus is enhancing performance quality by having our dancers shine on and off stage. We are dedicated to developing well rounded and exceptional dancers. We Specialize in the Highest Performance Quality and expect our dancers to perform with brilliance. With that expectation: All Performance students will be required to perform in at least 4 performances throughout the year. All Recreational students are required to do 2 performances a year. If a student fails to perform at the required performances he or she will be unable to participate in any further performances. At a minimum we will have our Annual Winter Show, Fiesta Shows, and Recital. Please ensure all students arrive on time for their performances and student that arrives more than 15 minutes late to a show will not be allowed to perform.

Christmas Show/Recital/Jewel Fest

An Annual Winter Spectacular performance will take place in the winter either November or December. And Recital will take place in spring either May or June. As per the mission statement performing at the Winter, Jewel Fest & Recital show will be Mandatory. There will be a non-refundable $60 Deposit for each student to secure spot for shows. If your child is unable to perform due to prior commitments please let the Jewel of Art staff know by the deadline deposit, if this is not communicated by the deadline the student will still be charged the $60 deposit. However, please reference back to Performance expectations regarding the required performances. A student must be enrolled in the class at least 2 months prior to show date in order to participate. However, we will leave up to the teacher’s discretion if they feel the student is capable and ready to perform. Costuming will be determined by each instructor and will be the responsibility of the parent to purchase. Ticket information will be provided closer to show date.


All Students will be required to attend at least 1 Mandatory Workshop given throughout the year. The Jewel of Art is expecting each student to achieve excellence and become an exceptional dancer. In order to have each dancer reach their highest potential they must be training not only with regular scheduled classes but with other Master teachers and Choreographers.

Jewels and Company

Jewels and Co. is our company group at The Jewel of Art Dance Studio. The company consists of a Junior level ages 8-13, Elite level ages 14-18 and up. The Company is the MAIN performance based group of the studio and therefore performs multiple times throughout the year. There is opportunity for performances, music video features, back up dancing, teaching and much more. We ask that only COMMITTED dancers be a part of company. To be a part of company a student must either be invited by Director Jackleen Rios or audition. Members will audition for a panel of judges and must bring all the necessary paperwork and items prior to auditioning. Due to the competitive nature of this company, dual enrollment at more than one studio is not allowed. For more detailed information please contact the Director Jackleen Rios or our receptionist for Company Guidelines.

Social Media

The Jewel of Art uses our website and all major social media sites for promotional purposes. Students will be photographed and recorded for promotional videos, pictures, brochures, posters, etc. for display, distribution and publication. If you do not want your child to be filmed please let the front desk know immediately. We will make note of this request. Also, please make sure to monitor student’s social media and ensure all posting related to JOA content, attire, or any other representation of our studio is showcased in a professional manner. Any student or parent misrepresenting the studio posting vulgar, explicit or distasteful manners will be asked to remove posting and may result in dismissal from the studio.

Class Levels

Students enrolled in a full year of class (August- June) will be evaluated by the instructor’s criterion in order to move up to the next level. However, due to age, excessive absences, tardiness, and or withdrawals a student may be unable to progress to the next level. Level progression will ultimately be determined by the teacher or director.

Private Lessons/ Choreography /Quinces/Rental

Please contact the front desk in regards to private classes, quinces and rental as instructor prices vary.

Health & Wellness

The Jewel of Art promotes health & wellness and discourages smoking and vaping on the premises. If you must, please ensure it is in your vehicle and not in students or public view.


The Jewel of Art’s mission is to create refined and brilliant individuals on and off stage. We expect all our students and parents to always create a safe and warm environment for one another. We expect everyone to uphold the respect and integrity of our studio and its purpose. We ask everyone to understand the Jewel of Art is a safe space for our families and want to ensure everyone always feels welcomed and encouraged. In the event either a student or parent does not uphold the expectations or integrity of the studio both will be dismissed from studio.

Covid-19 Procedures

We will be continuing the following procedures:

  • Sanitizing hands before and after class
  • Only students will be allowed inside of the studio
  • Masks will be required in accordance with laws
  • Parents will be able to watch classes through zoom if they would like (with microphones muted)