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San Antonio Dance Classes

Our beautiful studio in San Antonio offers up dance classes for everyone!  All ages and skill levels are welcome to learn a new dance skill or improve on the ones already in place.  Our studio and instructors offer up a variety of dance styles for you embrace and excel in!

dance classes san antonio

Try Out Our Dance Classes In San Antonio

Currently Jewel Of The Art Dance Studio offers classes in:

If you have never taken a dance class before, we welcome you to try out one with us!  Perhaps you already know what style of dance you are drawn to, that you would like to learn for yourself.  Or maybe you know you want to learn to dance, but aren’t sure which style will suit you? Let us introduce you to the styles of our dance classes in San Antonio!

Ballet And Pointe

We teach Classical Ballet at our studio, and our classes progress as such:

  • I Beginning Classical Ballet
  • II Intermediate Classical Ballet
  • Pre-Pointe
  • Ballet III/Pointe

dance classes san antonioOur ballet students begin with the learning of classical ballet alignment, movements, and terminology.  The Intermediate class focuses on barre work, center, and across the floor movement. We work on muscle memory and repetition through the ballet movements.  Pre-Pointe is a class designed to prepare the student for the Pointe class and the instructor must approve the student for the class. Ballet III is an advanced class that includes barre, center, and across the room exercises as well as Pointe (a technique in Classical ballet where a dancer performs movements with their weight supported on the tips of the toes in pointe shoes).  Ballet is a beautiful dance form and it’s benefit extend beyond just the aesthetics! Our Ballet dance classes in San Antonio can improve posture and flexibility, and build muscles in the core of the body as well as in the legs. Even motor skills are improved by practicing ballet, and because you use both parts of your brain when training to dance, it improves cognitive function as well.  Ballet doesn’t just look pretty, it’s really good for your mind and body!

Tap Dance Classes In San Antonio

We offer two Tap classes Tap I for ages 6-10 and Tap I for ages 11 and older.  Emphasis for both classes will be on proper tap technique. The curriculum of the classes become more complex as the student progresses.  Tap Dance is a dynamic form of dance. It incorporates both movement and also sound in the form of percussion as well. Think of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly dancing in the old films, or the choreography by Savion Glover for the Happy Feet movie…tap dance is lively and full of energetic movement.  You can’t help but smile when you watch and perform tap dance. It’s good for your mind and cognitive function, and also can be a great way to get some aerobic exercise in as well.

Jazz Dance Classes in San Antonio

dance classes san antonioOur Jazz dance classes begin with I Beginner, then progress to II Intermediate, and then on to III Advanced.  Jazz is a dance style that really allows you to get creative and let your personality come through the moves. Jazz is very energetic, dancers incorporate intricate foot moves with quick turns and leaps and whole body movements.  Jazz is an American form of dance that borrows elements from tap dance, ballet, and other dance forms. It is fun to watch as well as the dance. If you have seen the Broadway production “Chicago” on stage or screen, that style is Jazz style.  

Modern Dance Classes In San Antonio

Modern dance is another style of dance that has it roots in America.  It started as an alternative and reaction to ballet and the constraints dancers felt they no longer wanted to adhere to when dancing.  Modern and contemporary dance is often free flowing and graceful. It can be improvisational or choreographed. Other than being fun and creative to learn, modern dance can improve flexibility, increase aerobic fitness, and improve muscle tone and strength.  We offer two classes in modern dance, Beginning To Intermediate Modern/Contemporary– This beginning to intermediate level San Antonio dance class incorporates modern styles from some of the important choreographers of the Modern dance movement. Intermediate To Advanced Modern/Contemporary is a class for ages 14 and up, is more complex, and gives the student opportunity to choreograph and perform their own work.  

Hip Hop Dance Classes In San Antonio

dance classes san antonioFor a really exciting and lively dance experience, try our Hip Hop classes.  Hip Hop began as a style of dance as far back as the 1970s primarily in New York City.  It combines elements of many dance forms that were popular at the time, and is improvisational and considered freestyle.  A version of this street style dancing also grew out of California, and at our studio we teach both the East Coast style and the West Coast style.  Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop is for youths age 8-13 and introduces new and old styles of technique and music. Advanced Hip Hop is for ages 13 and above, and focuses on lyrical hip hop, east and west coast styles of dance, and more in this hour long class.  We also have a class for adults called Hip Hop Heels, for a sexy and fun take on the dance form. You will get plenty of exercise out of this form of dance!

Specialty Dance Classes

dance classes san antonioAlthough the aforementioned classes are our main classes, we have more “specialty” dance classes at our San Antonio studio.  For children we have a Mommy & Me class for kids 18 months to 3 years of age and their moms. It is a 45 minute long class for moms and toddlers to spend quality time together bonding through dance.  It is also invaluable for introducing young children to the pleasures and benefits of dance. Our Combo I class is for 4-5 year olds and introduces them to ballet, tap, and creative dancing and singing.  The Combo II class is for children ages 6-7 and includes ballet, jazz and also tumbling instruction. For ages 7 and up we have a Tumbling 101 class to get your kids active, with a focus on strength, flexibility and across the floor sequencing.  And if you love Hip Hop, we have a class for adults called Urban Expression to a great fitness workout while learning choreography to the latest in Hip Hop and R&B music. If you want to learn a dance style, our dance classes in San Antonio have a style for you!

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