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Benefits of Our Ballet Classes in San Antonio
February 21, 2018
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April 26, 2018
Ballet - San Antonio Choreography

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At The Jewel of Art Dance Studio, dance is our passion. From traditional ballet to jazz, hip hop, and modern dance, we love nothing more than passing our knowledge and techniques on to our students. Our choreographers in San Antonio are experienced instructors who provide our students with a strong foundation of dance skills, and the knowledge necessary to hone these skills.

We design and direct routines to be used in various dances and performances. We seek to help our students express themselves through the creation of dance, and to inspire them with both traditional techniques and creative new ideas.

We teach choreography for quinceañera, sweet 16, birthday parties, and weddings, among many other dance forms. Our San Antonio choreographers provide various classes that are ideal for these occasions, including:


A form of dance that goes all the way back to the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century, later being developed into a concert dance form throughout Russia and France, ballet is both elegant and technical. It is also demanding, requiring a great deal of energy and concentration. The combination of choreography and music involved in our ballet classes yields many mental, physical, and performative benefits. Our San Antonio choreographers are equipped with the training, knowledge, and experience to teach classes for all ages and skill sets.

Our ballet classes include:

  • Ballet I: For ages 8-10. This is a 1 hour Beginning Classical Ballet class, and includes all of the basic skills and vocabulary required for a foundation in ballet.
  • Ballet II: For ages 11-13/14: This 1 hour Intermediate Classical Ballet class focuses on building strength and muscle memory through repetition. We will also go into more rigorous ballet vocabulary.
  • Ballet III / Pointe: For ages 13/14 and above, this 90 minute Advanced Classical Ballet class will hone your skills and help bring about the embodiment of the artform.


san antonio choreographersOur San Antonio choreographers provide the skills and techniques required for jazz dance. These classes include:

  • Jazz I: This 1 hour class provides a solid foundation of beginning jazz techniques. Here we focus on the basic form, rhythm, and motion required to further hone your skills going forward.
  • Jazz II: This 1 hour class builds on basic skills and helps bring them into the intermediate level, improving variations of turns, jumps, leaps, and kicks. In this class, we focus on rhythm, accent, musicality, flexibility, and choreography.
  • Jazz III: This 1 hour and 15 minute class brings intermediate skills to the advanced level, and incorporates all jazz technique styles, infusing them with other styles such as hip hop and modern/contemporary. We focus on the integration of rhythm, accent, flexibility, and choreography.

Why Choose The Jewel Of Art Dance Studio?

Our choreographers in San Antonio are dedicated to their students, providing the skills and knowledge they need to better express themselves through their desired dance forms. We will arm you with confidence, a firm foundation, and the instructions required to hone your skills through practice, exercise, and discipline.

Other classes we provide include:

  • Tap
  • Vogue
  • Hip hop
  • Urban expression
  • Modern


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