Mariah Carey’s Choreographer and Dancer G Madison: 2.1.0 Notorious Hip Hop Workshop

Happy Mothers Day
June 23, 2017
Summer Camps 2017
July 24, 2017

On Saturday June 3rd, the Jewel of Art Dance Studio hosted a Master Hip Hop Workshop for anyone to attend. We had our very own teacher and choreographer Tyrone Cabalo, San Antonio’s hip hop crew Unifydsoul members Aj & Morgan & straight out of LA; Mariah Carey’s choreographer G Madison. Students from all over SA came to learn and perform from the best choreographers. We were blessed and honored to have G Madison teach his West Coast style hip hop and also for his motivational words. He truly inspired these dancers to thrive in the art of dance. He will be back in SA in December. WE a cant wait to have him back!

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